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Our Vision

Riverbend Veterinary Care honors the incredible bond between our species and those with whom we share our lives.  We commit to serve the urgent and intermediate medical needs of our animal patients and seek to fill this gap in care in our local veterinary community.  We strive to provide timely and efficient services without a compromise in clinical accuracy.  We operate as guides on your pet’s healthcare journey, centering shared-decision making and responsibility.  We will contribute to increased accessibility and trust between those providing and those seeking veterinary care in our community.   We acknowledge the wholeness of ourselves, our staff, patients, clients, community and planet.

“We are only ever made real in relation.”

– Rachel Meyer

Guiding Principles

Riverbend Veterinary Care welcomes all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or identity, ability, age, ethnicity, national origin, education or income level.  We are committed to better understanding systems of oppression and acknowledging how our own biases and privilege contribute to their perpetuation.

“We must transform ourselves to transform the world.”

– Grace Lee Boggs

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